When filled with spirit

change comes from within


When filled with spirit

change comes from within

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" Tantra awakens a passion in me, which drives to ever greater adventures. Explorations of our inner self and how to bring that to expression in each and every moment again"



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The dance of Eros

Adding eros to our day


Eros brings a sparkle to our day. Random acts of kindness shared with strangers, touch us. A shy sideways glance, inspires. That look excitig us. All, seeming meaningless exchanges, spice up our day.


Making the daily grind more memorable. Feeling our selves shine and others light up. Even if just for a moment, is still a moment making it worth our while.


Sunshine encourages this, making Eros almost easy. Spring makes it nearly impossible to ignore. For all except those of us desperatly clinging to in the deepest of winter.


So welcome sometimes. Simply not at other times. Frustratingly confusing even at times. Yet few of us would chose to do without.


This is part of who we are and how we relate to each other. An emotional undertone to our contacts. A mood ever present, regardless of how we intend to stay rational and detached.


Eros at the ready, enticing us to play.


Learning how to do this is part of growing up. Young women learning to stand fierce against the sexual innuendos of whistling workmen. A young man learning to step forward boldly through girly giggles to reach the one that caught his eye.


Experience eventually teaches to ignore workmen, or whistle back. Just don’t go there. Never to go to a group of women either unless you can  manage to charm them all. Learning this takes many failed trials.


The same hit and mis, best endeavors, we seem to consider appropriate for mastering eros. Mastering our sex and intimacy too. With porno and soap drama cashing in on the sides. Too few of us seem to have good advice, based on wisdom, handed down the generations.


A few of us dare to go there.


Discrete alliances made with an older man, or a mature woman. Trading youth for experience is so scandalous. Yet nothing new. It is just part of how our generations transfer the wisdom of intimacy and sexuality, via direct experience.


Our need to grow breaking through what is right or wrong. Needing to discover what is right for you.


Not a very successful, nor complete, initiation into our bonding and mating rituals. Most of us are more at ease with either intimacy, or sexuality as our preferred way of relating to others. A natural tendency. Similar to being right, or left handed.


Yet both need to work in balance if we are to thrive in our life and relationships. A voyage of self-discovery into how sexuality and intimacy works for us is needed here.


And what if the older man, or mature woman, has no personal agenda. If they are an expert in tantra. Able to carry themself emotionally and sexually. To stay present, connected and supportive while you figure out how it all works for you.


What could you experience then. What would you know then? This is tantra.


Adding eros to your day,





ps. Some journeys with a man, others with a woman.
      Also meet  Inya,  just be careful what you wish for . . .


Sex – The Secret Gate to Eden

I am an explorer. Always searching for clues, old and new. Insights on how to enrich my life and relationships. Sex and intimacy


This video  is an example of that. Having another look at an ancient story for something new. This happens in two ways here. First by presenting a radical alternative view.  Secondly when held against my own experiences.


Although I believe they are throwing the baby out with the bathwater here. Denying the orgasm to stop the loss of vital energy via ejaculation. And yes you can live a life without orgasm. But why would our bodies come so beautifully built with this ability?


There must be more to it. And there is.


Claiming your sexuality is an important part of claiming your manhood. First via controling ejaculation, then by mastering the orgasm. Ascending via ecstasy into the heart, where the feminine awaits.


Now this documentary brilliantly presents a return to paradise via the relationship.


Hope it inspires you too,